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In summer 2014 I travelled to the countryside in Germany, I was surrounded by meadows and woods, fresh air and tranquillity.

I started using a technique of drawing layer upon layer of fine lines with pencil on paper. It was something I liked so much, I couldn’t wait to try it again. I loved what came out, how I worked was different to what I mostly do. It was not the idea that was different, it was the technique I had used.

Drawing the lines for hours gave me a profound stillness and touched me. I didn’t know where it would guide me and it surprised me. It was a very emotional and meditative process and I felt that I had discovered something really new again.

Once back in Doha in September, I continued working with the idea of the lines and their simplicity. I worked by making a big collage from photos I’d taken of the desert sand in Qatar. These photos showed lines from the sand and the shade which the sun throws out when shining on it.

The lines on the photos on their own are of great beauty but I wanted to develop something new out of what I had. I edited and printed the photos, cut them into lines and then combined them again. I wanted to repeat the process of relaxing and meditating during summer and I also wanted to discover something new by cutting, gluing, cutting again and so on, a technique which I learned from an artist colleague. It was a very regular and almost monotonous process.

I am fascinated by the beauty of the desert landscape, geometrical patterns, Kelim carpets, Doha’s skyline and so much more that surrounds me here. Combining the lines again and again by connecting things and working in layers, (the same process I use when doing paintings and printings), brought me to the collages ‘Lines V and VI’.

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