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I am intrigued by the relationship between light, shape and colour and sometimes find it difficult to articulate what my work is about. When I start painting, it is not always clear where it will guide me, the process is more about intuition and feelings.

The elements, colours, shapes and textures of the North German Plain were the inspiration for the landscape scenes. The constant change of landscape is reflected in seasons, temperatures and times of the day and I find it inspiring to observe how the mood keeps changing and everything around evolves.

I observed the colours as the light moved across the sky. I painted with quick animated brush strokes and in much brighter colours. I wanted to capture the ethereal quality of the powerful landscape.

When doing the still life paintings, I didn’t have a clear idea where it would bring me, I arranged colours and shapes and simply let things slide and take their course. I applied paint layer over layer and I worked until memory and process merged. Working as an artist brings new surprises all the time.

When working and observing how things turn out on their own, the work process is exciting and fulfilling – and very challenging. It is not easy to manage these moments, when not knowing how to proceed, but this is part of the process. I found out that the key is not to worry if things start going wrong, things have to evolve gradually.

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