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I grew up in Germany where my art journey first started. As a child I can remember spending many hours drawing, painting and creating objects and designs out of everything I could. I followed my creative passion and studied Communication Design.

My focus took a turn again towards fine art some years later, my roots were still calling. I participated in international summer academies for art, in workshops and art classes on diverse topics and opened an art creation and exhibition studio with two art oriented friends at Hamburg Harbour. I worked on a variety of projects and had a few exhibitions.

Some years later I founded my own studio and from that time started teaching art classes for both adults and children.

I moved to Qatar and the entirely new atmosphere and Arabic surroundings allowed me to enter into a new creative period. It was something which was unlike anything I had experienced before.

Generally, my creative work moves between concreteness and abstraction and is often in reference to figures and objects. I mainly work with acrylic and oil paints, as well as printing and working with collages, my own photographs, image transfers and mixed media.

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